Anonymous: i'm sorry but what does being selective mean?

{ It means I’m more choosey about who I will interact with. }

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Anonymous: How did you get the discription box on your theme?


{ It came with the theme. }


Cookie Tin


Yes, I’m still f*cking mad about his hair!!! why GOD why???

I’ll spend the rest of my life thinking about why on earth the staff didnt to make his hair like this for the movie!!!!!

he looks so pretty!!!!


cielsa: kuroshitsuji uwu

send me a fandom and I’ll tell you:

favourite female character: either Hannah, Elizabeth, or Angelina
favourite male character: either Luca or Tanaka
least favourite female character: dunno
least favourite male character: Undertaker
favourite ship: Ciel x Elizabeth (can we pls call it Cielizabeth thanks)
least favourite ship: idk
rating: 11/10

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Anonymous: ne, ne! thanks! and do you have any renders that you've made and would be willing to have be used by others? i'm looking for a nice render of ciel for my new theme.


{ Yes, all of my renders are free to use; they’re under my render tag. }

Anonymous: NGE

{ I haven’t read or watched NGE, sorry. }